Manila’s New Craze: Pablo Cheese Tart

What’s new in the Metro?

Another food craze is now invading the Metro and it came from no other than the country who brought the Ramen fever in the Philippines, JAPAN!


Freshly Baked Pablo Cheese tart
Freshly Baked Pablo Cheese tart


Recently, a dessert popularly known in Osaka, Japan just landed here in the Philippines and now making people insane. Pablo is a worldwide renowned Cheesetart Specialist and was brought to the Philippines by Suyen Company (the same company who brought Maisen and St. Marc’s) which is headed by Ben Chan (founder of Bench Clothing line).



They had their Soft Opening last Wednesday, September 14, 2016 and Grand Launching last Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Since it is popular and Filipinos are always into something new (remember Tim Ho Wan, J. Co, Ippudo, and Din Tai Fung), brace yourself for a long queue. When I say long queue, I really mean it. I waited for 2 hours just to get 1 Freshly baked Cheese Tart.


Long Queue at Pablo
Long Queue at Pablo


They offer different kinds of Cheese Tarts. Egg Cheese Tart, Matcha Cheese Tart, and Chocolate Cheese Tart are the freshly-baked Cheese Tarts that they offer. They also offer Premium Cheese Tart (a special tart that is made from two types of cream cheese) but for a limited number only because their importing it from Japan and glazed in their stores.


The Hype: Pablo Cheese Tart
The Hype: Pablo Cheese Tart

In addition to this, the crew that I had a chat with told me that there are some “secret recipes” that Pablo is not disclosing to its franchises that’s why some of their specialties are imported from Japan and offered for limited number only. This is to maintain the originality and quality of their specialty products.

The store is in a glass type walls which means you can see how their patissier makes the cheese tarts.


The Process of making Pablo Cheese tart
The Process of making Pablo Cheese tart
Filling the crust with cream cheese
Filling the crust with cream cheese
Finishing touches
Finishing touches before putting the cheese tart to oven.
Putting Pablo's logo in every cheese tart
Putting Pablo’s logo in every cheese tart
The Final Touch
Final touch before boxing the tart


Boxing of the tart
Boxing of the tart


Sad to say for Matcha and Chocolate lovers, as of September 18, 2016 they are not selling Matcha and Chocolate cheese tarts (though they sell some on their soft opening and grand launching). This is to give way for their best-seller which is the Egg Cheese Tart.

Take note that since there is a GREAT demand for their cheese tarts, they limit the selling of one tart per customer in queue. Note on the word in queue. This means that you cannot get someone outside the queue and act as your companion to get another cheese tart.

The Verdict

IMHO, I will not recommend this if you are a sweet tooth. Japanese desserts are not into sweet side thus you might ended up disappointed. The crust of the tart is perfect and the consistency of the cream cheese is good.

Since I am a fan of sweets, I felt that waiting for 2 hours is not worth it (IMHO, please don’t bash me). Is this a must-try? All I can say is try it for yourself. My standard of sweetness might be different from your’s. I suggest that you let the hype become over before trying this dessert.


Pablo first branch is located at Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila (Soon they will open their Trinoma and BGC branch). For the complete list and prices of their products, click here to see their menu in Booky. Note that for the time-being, they have cut-offs and most of the time 7pm. So be early or you’ll end up crying. 🙂


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Thank you and enjoy your food trip!:)




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