Weekend Foodtrip: Qizia Cafe

Hidden Food Haven in Marikina

It is part of our monthly fun run to have an after run event. These after fun run event are either a roadtrip or a foodtrip. Sometimes both but most of the time the latter.

Last week, before the rainy OYM Fun Run, we are thinking to go to Marikina for we’ve heard that there is a secret place where you can eat delicious food with generous amount of servings. Since I am a fan of restaurants that gives generous servings of food with affordable price, without any second thoughts, we went to Qizia Cafe right after the run.

Qizia Cafe offers wide-selection of foods, from appetizers to different kind of pasta to desserts. And as i said a while ago, all of them are delicious.

For the appetizers, Cheese Sticks and Chicken Quesadillas are their best-seller and definitely a must-try!


Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken Quesadillas


Cheese Sticks


We tried different pasta and all I can say is that their pasta is comparable to The Old Spaghetti House’s and Burgoo’s. You must try their Seafood Pasta in Marinara Sauce and Carbonara!


Seafood Pasta in Marinara Sauce




They also serve breakfast all-day. What I tried is their Smoked Bangus and all of this is just for 145 bucks!

Smoked Bangus (Milk Fish) served with Garlic Rice and Egg


And for desserts, Brazo de Mercedez and Red Velvet are must-try!

Brazo De Mercedez
Red Velvet


Sunday Fun Run will never be complete if there are no after fun run events! XD

Sunday Foodtrip @ Qizia Cafe
Sunday Foodtrip @ Qizia Cafe



Qizia Cafe
Qizia Cafe

Qizia Cafe is located at SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Extension Corner Pio del Pilar Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City.

They are open everyday from 7am ’til 12 midnight. For their menu, refer on the photos below.



This place is a must visit and their foods are must try! Even you reside in Northern or Southern Manila, this place will surely make you drive to East! Enjoy and Happy eating! 😀


Hope this entry will help you on your next food trip. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section or email me at wandersandbites@gmail.com and I will reply as soon as I read it. If you find this post helpful and informative, please like and share with the buttons below. Thank you and enjoy your food trip!:)



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