Wander Activity: Wall Climbing at Power Up

Indoor Climbing is now possible in a gym located in Quezon City.

Power Up Gym in Quezon City offers adrenaline-pumping indoor wall climbing activity. Indoor Climbing or also known as Wall Climbing or Rock Climbing is an activity performed on an artificial structure that attempts to mimic the experience of outdoor rocks. The walls are made of thick multiplex board and contains some bricks or woods that serves as artificial rocks which the climber grips and steps at.

Before you start the activity, you must need to know first Belaying. Belaying is a technique used by climbers to exert tension on the climbing rope. Belayer, your climbing partner, is the one who will applies tension on the other end of the rope if the climber is not moving and release the tension from the rope if the climber needs more rope to continue climbing. A climber must always have a belayer to assist him/her in climbing.

The gym offers crash course of Belaying for only 100php. But if you are already knowledgeable about belaying, then no need for you to avail their class.

The bricks and woods attached to the walls, also known as holds, are color coded. The colors denotes a route. The difficulty of climb is also denoted by the colors. Though the holds are color-coded, the difficulty still depends on the climbers’ strength, stamina, and technique in climbing.

Below is the standard process for wall climbing and the signals:

  1. After checking if your carabiner is locked into your harness, approach the climbing wall and shout <CLIMBING!>
  2. Wait for your belayer to respond with <CLIMB ON!>
  3. Shout <TENSION!> if your rope is too loose.
  4. Shout <SLACK!> if your rope is too tight, pulling you off balance.
  5. Shout <FALLING!> if you feel like letting go mid-way up the wall.
  6. Signal your belayer with <DOWN!> when you have reached the top.
  7. Wait for your belayer to tension your rope.
  8. Wait for your belayer to shout <LET GO!> before you let go.
  9. Stay facing the wall, gently kicking away from the wall to prevent hitting your knees on the holds.

If you really want to learn the basics of Wall Climbing, Power Up Gym is the best place for you to learn and start. They offer cheap sessions which you can avail through Metrodeals and Kfit.

Power Up Gym is located at 690 Road 1, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila, Philippines.

The gym opens Mondays thru Sundays, 2pm ’til 10pm.

They are on a first come, first serve basis and no reservations.

Equipments are for rent in a cheap amount. This is good for budget-conscious who wants to try an activity like this.


Hope this entry will help you plan your next fun-filled activity. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section or email me at wandersandbites@gmail.com and I will reply as soon as I read it. If you find this post helpful and informative, please like and share with the buttons below. Thank you and have fun!:)


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  1. Athena Azamia says:

    a must try activity!


    1. Arkin says:

      For sure you’ll enjoy this activity!


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