Wander Activity: Sagittarium Archery

What is common between Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, and me? Well, in lieu to this post, we are all ‘Archers.’ I may not be as good as them but please allow me to be lined up with them for the sake of this post. LOL

Sagittarium Archery
You only hit what you aim at.


It is my childhood dream to hold and shoot a real bow and arrow. I remember those times that I will ask my Mom or Dad to buy me a ‘patpat’ (a long stick usually seen in the school carried by a terror teacher ūüėÄ ) and make it a bow for me. Back then, we can’t afford to go to a class/session that offers archery thus fulfilment of my childhood dream is still far from reality.

After almost two decades, I will now be able to fulfill this dream of mine.

Bull's eye
Bull’s eye for #6. Take note, this is my first time.

Sagittarium Archery Range which was founded 2015 offers different types of Archery Lessons and Trainings. These are Olympic Style Training, Traditional Style Training, and Moving Target Shooting. They also organize  Archery Tournaments and Team Building Events

Before we start our session, we need to undergo a quick lesson about basic archery. Of all, what is important is the Whistle Commands.

When you hear 2 whistle blows, it means you need to go to the shooting line and ready to fire. A blow means you can now start shooting the arrows. Three blows means hang your bow and retrieve your arrows from the target face then return to waiting line. If you hear 5 or more ¬†blows, it means stop coz there’s an emergency.

Now we are ready to shoot!

Each player has 5 arrows per round.
Each player has 5 arrows per round.


After an hour of shooting, look at our targets…

Nearly destroyed targets.
Nearly destroyed targets.

Thanks to our coach that day who looked after us and patiently correct our wrongdoings.

Group Picture with our coach


Picture with Coach Adam

Sagittarium Archery Range is an indoor Archery Range located at 4th Floor A&A Building, Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Quezon City.

They are open Monday to Friday 1:00 pm Р9:00 pm,  Saturdays 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 7:00pm.

Non-Members without their own equipments can enjoy archery for a rate of  600php/hr during Weekdays, 750php/hr during weekends.

Members will have different perks and discounts so feel free to inquire to them if you want to avail membership.

Visit their facebook page for more info. [Click here]


Hope this entry will help you plan your next fun-filled activity. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I am very happy to reply. If you find this post helpful and informative, please like and share with the buttons below. Thank you and have fun!:)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. athena azamia says:

    I really want to try this!!!
    Listed on my goals this year!!


    1. Arkin says:

      nice! This is a must try. Good service. Accomodating staff. Reasonable price.


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