Weekend Wander: Nagsasa Cove

It was a long-time plan and finally we were able to color one of our drawings…

Jump Shot
At first, I was hesitant to join in this outing coz I don’t know if I can live a day without CR, sleep in tent, and isolated in an island without signal. Yes! No internet, No FB, No social media.

Start of Trekking
We left Manila at around 3AM riding a Victory Liner Bus going to Zambales and had our breakfast along the way during one of the stop overs.

It was around 8AM when we arrived at San Antonio, Zambales. We went to the nearest Public Market to buy our foods ’til next day. From the Public Market, we took an around 10-minute tricycle-ride going to Brgy. Pundaquit. Pundaquit is the jump-off going to the coves.

Instead of a 30-minute boat ride going to Anawangin, we decided to take six-hour trek through hot, open trails thru the Pundaquit range. There are no roads going to Anawangin or Nagsasa. So you have to decide if you will take a boat-ride or do the trekking (if you are after for a relax trip, I suggest to take a boat-ride).


Pass noon when we arrived at the summit. It was a very hot day. No clouds to cover us from the scorching heat of the sun. We just stayed there for a few minutes. After a very quick lunch and taking some photographs, we decided to go down so that we can proceed to our real destination – Nagsasa Cove.

Anawangin that day has lot’s of foreign visitors. Probably they are captivated by the serenity of the place. Anawangin is untouched and undeveloped cove. There are comfort rooms but aside from that, no trace of private resorts around. Indeed a good place for nature lovers, campers, and backpackers.

Sunset at the beach

Nearly sunset when we arrived at Nagsasa Cove. After unloading our packs, we all watched the sunset together. Good thing we have friends who have complete tools and equipments perfect for camping. After sunset watching, we prepared our dinner. Dividing ourselves to groups, we worked on different tasks. Some prepare the food (Sinigang is so perfect!) and some wash the utensils.

Night Life in the Island
After dinner, we setup bonfire and together we star-gazed. Reminiscing our college days and catching up on each other’s life is our topic for the night.

Nagsasa Cove

'til next time
The following day, we woke up early to enjoy the beach and prepare for our next destination – Capones Island. We ate our breakfast, broke the  camps and have our last shot in the island. It was indeed an unforgettable experience to camp for the first time in this peaceful island.

Boat ride going to Capones Island
With excitement in out hearts, we took the boat and set for Capones Island. Unfortunately the current is not on our favor that day. We weren’t able to go to the island. It is so near yet so far. With frustrations and sadness, we decided to go back to Pundaquit and go back to Manila.

Wrapping up, this weekend is one of the unforgettable moments of my life. First time to trek, first time to camp, first time to experience serenity, first time to escape the busyness of the city. It was a fun-filled experience that I will surely look forward to experience again.


Here is our sample Itinerary (provided by one of my friend):

Day 1: (Mt. Pundaquit hike,Camping at Anawangin Cove, Dinner at Nagsasa Cove)

0330H – Meet up at Victory Liner – Caloocan Branch
Buy tickets bound to Sta Cruz, Zambales or Iba Zambales
Fare is P340 – P390 approximately
Eat breakfast in stop-overs.
0800H – ETA at Public Market of San Antonio, buy foods and necessary things for our camping.
0900H – Start hike at Mt. Pundaquit
1200H – reached summit
1500H – successfully traverse to Anawangin Cove
1530H – boat transfer to Nagsasa Cove
1630H – ETA Nagsasa Cove
1700H – Pitch Tent/Cook Dinner – Sinigang
1830H – Eat Dinner
2000H – Free time/Sleep

Day 2 (Island hopping at Capones Cove)

0700H – Cook/Prepare Breakfast
0800H – breakfast
0900H – Boat transfer to Capones Island
1000H – ETA to Capones Island
1000H – Snorkeling & lighthouse
1200H – Go back to Pundaquit Mainland
1400H – To San Antonio (late lunch)
1800H – ETA Manila


Some Tips:

  • Pack light (especially if you will bring your bags in the trekking).
  • Waterproof your things (this is needed because you will ride a boat and getting wet is highly probable).
  • Don’t forget your personal stuffs and toiletries (sunblock and mosquito repellents for protection).
  • Estimated budget is around 2 – 2.5k php inclusive of fare (Note that this budget is for group of 7pax). Bringing extra will not harm you.
  • It is your choice if you will bring your own tents. If you don’t have tents, you can rent it there.
  • Foods are very expensive in the island. If you have extra pet inside your tummy, buying food in the market and bringing them in the island will save you lots of money.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You went in a beach so please…
  • Last and definitely not the least, have fun. Enjoy the serenity, the peaceful scenery.
  • Keep in mind that no one is there to pick up for you, though they have entrance/environmental fee, so please discipline yourself and clean as you go.

Thanks to my friends Ellaine (lleeina.wordpress.com) and Jeric for letting me use some of their photos for this blog. 🙂

Hope this entry will help you on your next weekend trip. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I am very happy to reply. If you find this post helpful, please like and share with the buttons below. Thank you and have fun on your next trip! 🙂


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